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Iris Heffes is an internationally respected artist working with mixed media on canvas. Her artwork varies from figurative sculptures to textured abstract paintings. Iris has developed an innovative collection of paintings merging clay and rocks on canvas, which she calls sculpted paintings. 
Iris Heffes is an Orange County, California based artist, born and raised in Israel. Her interest in the Arts began at an early age as her mother is a figurative sculptor. Iris graduated from H I T (The Center of Technology Education, Holon) with a major in Industrial Design. She also studied two years of ceramic design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. After graduation she worked as an exhibition designer in an architect’s studio designing corporate booths for trade shows all over the world. Her move to California shifted her focus to art and art education, sharing her love for the creative process with students, Iris is now exploring her own creative path. She likes to invent and to combine different mediums. As not only an artist, but also as a designer, Iris is very much in tune with interior and architectural surroundings. Her artistic approach is that spaces should demonstrate a relationship between shapes, forms, texture and color, in harmony and balance with the environment and each other. She is inspired by her surroundings and people just like you. Thus, she specializes in creating the perfect piece of personalized art to fit your unique space. Iris’ paintings bring life and literal feelings to every room. Her work is collected in many countries and exhibited in fine art galleries, corporations, high-end architectural homes, both nationally and internationally. Her work has also been commissioned for many residential projects in Orange County. She works with individual and corporate collectors as well as the leading interior designers.

“It is a joy to share my love of art with you and I hope it enriches your life as it has mine. “






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